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Monday, July 5, 2010

Two monitors on one computer are better the one

Do you get tired or annoyed when you have multiple widows open on your computer and have to constantly
switch back and forth?

Buy a second monitor and attached it the second monitor port on your desktop computer. If you do not have a 2nd monitor port
they are inexpensive to add and easy to install. For laptop user simply attach the second monitor to the port provided with your laptop

Once the 2nd monitor is attached you can move your mouse between each screen and have multiple windows with different programs on each screen.
This makes is easier to copy and paste (just copy the content on one monitor, slide the mouse to the second screen and paste. This procedure will simply your computer experience and make it much more enjoyable.

One more thing. The direction that the mouse will move from one screen to the other will be determined by how you have your display set up. After the second monitor is
installed go the  control panel (Windows XP and Vista editions. Not sure about Windows 7 or Macs, but I'm sure it works the same way) and click on display and
settings for XP or hold down the right mouse button in Vista, click on personalize and then the display settings. Find the button that says "identify" for WP or indentify monitors on Vista and click on it. You will see a large #1 on one screen and large #2 on the second one. When you click on each number from the setting menu 
it will have a check mark beside the words "use this device as the primary monitor". If you want the other screen to be the primary monitor then check that box.

To control the direction the mouse moves from one screen to the other you have to drag the #1 monitor Icon on top of the #2 and they will switch places. For me, I prefer to work from left to right and I want my left screen to be the primary monitor so my set up looks like this:

Once your setup is complete, open  a program from your main monitor, click on the restore down button (the middle button on the upper right top of your screen, drag the title bar over to the right screen and voila! You have two separate programs running on two monitors. If you need further clarification on this post your can contact me at peter@coolwebsitestoday.com


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