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Friday, February 12, 2010

Do you really need a website?

These days, if you have a business the answer is almost certainly yes. And while there are many options available out there for getting your website online - from the "friend of a friend" who might have some rudimentary website skills, to expensive big city design companies, your website needs very likely fall somewhere in the middle ground: an affordable, professionally designed custom website designed by Cool Websites Today, a St. Petersburg website design company, that will enhance your company's image while not being overly flashy with the ability to grow as your business grows.
We make it easy, Follow the steps below.
We only need to know a few things to get you started:

  • What colors do you like? 
  • Do you want a two column or three column layout?
  • Do you want flash?
  • Do you want navigation on the right/left/top only?
  • Are you going to use your graphics?
  • Show us 2-3 websites that you like
  • Pick out 3 or 4 templates from our collections and we can modify them with your color choices.
  • Complete our application
  • Choose on of our packages



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